Disclaimer :- Please note that this service may also be available for free of cost on official website of Kaspersky http://www.kaspersky.com without any help of a live technician. However We also provide free diagnoses of any issue but we charge only when the issue /s got fixed by our technician.

Support for Kaspersky Customers(toll free : 1-888-414-8670)

USWeb Technologies provides a complete set of Kaspersky support services. Equipped with a team of technicians who have vast knowledge and experience of the IT industry, we can detect as well as resolve all types of issues which you may face due to the presence of key loggers, root kits, spyware and adware in your system. Using remote technology our technicians will access your system, detect the cause of the problem which you are facing and solve it within minutes. Some of the most common problems which people face due to the presence of virus in their system include failure of the existing antivirus version to perform a full scan, popping up of numerous pop-up ads on user’s screen, slowdown of PC etc.

USWeb Technologies provides Kaspersky support services in the following areas:-
  • Technical support to arrange user’s Kaspersky antivirus software as per user’s requirement
  • Upgrading Kaspersky to the latest version for better performance
  • Troubleshooting any issues which you may face while using Kaspersky software
  • Offering regular software as well as security updates to user’s system and installing them in your PC
  • Detecting and fixing PC compatibility issues

We are an independent third-party service provider and we are not affiliated with any of the trademarks (Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Chrome, Yahoo etc.) which we provide support for. All logos on the website, brand names and product names are the property of their respective owners.