Disclaimer :- Please note that this service may also be available for free of cost on official website of Mozilla http://www.mozilla.com without any help of a live technician. However We also provide free diagnoses of any issue but we charge only when the issue /s got fixed by our technician.

Support for Mozilla Thunderbird Customers(toll free : 1-888-414-8670)

Mozilla Thunderbird happens to be a free, open source, cross platform email which has been developed by Mozilla for help individuals have control and for create a good future of the web. Yet issues like opening and downloading new messages, problems in opening file attachments as well as sending and receiving of messages is quite common. USWeb Technologies happens to be a leading technical support service provider who can resolve these issues within a short period of time. Our technicians have access to the latest remote technology to detect the main cause of the issue and fix it within minutes.

The areas in which we offer our technical support services are:-
  • Modifying the e-mail program as per the requirements of the user
  • Technical support for configuration of email security settings
  • Creating as well as deleting accounts
  • Technical support to install, update and configure existing security software
  • Support for configuring emails on Thunderbird
  • Providing support for checking any type of phishing or spamming attempt
  • Offering restoration as well as backup functions on Thunderbird
  • Online support for repairing Thunderbird

Our technical support services are available round the clock and so you can get in touch with technical experts within 30 seconds and have these issues resolved within a short period of time and also provide you with useful information about why the problem occurred and how it can be resolved if it happens once again in the future.

We are an independent third-party service provider and we are not affiliated with any of the trademarks (Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Chrome, Yahoo etc.) which we provide support for. All logos on the website, brand names and product names are the property of their respective owners.